Victory Against All Odds (February 7, 2016)

Ghavinn Crutcher

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February 13, 2016


Victory Against all Odds
Ghavinn Crutcher

This Sunday is superbowl Sunday! A day where we all gather around a television to watch giant men crash into each other showing off their God gifted athleticism on its biggest stage. I don’t know about all of you but when I am watching a great sporting event, especially the superbowl, when my team isn’t in game, I find myself rooting for the underdog. There is something about a team that shouldn’t have any business in the championship game defying all odds in pursuit of becoming the victor. There is something relatable with those watching, a sense of hope that even the lowly guy on the couch can rise above the great champion and give a great battle and even gain victory. This Sunday we are going to be discussing the ultimate underdog story, one of a boy facing a giant, you may have guessed it already, David versus Goliath. This story is deep with insight on faith, courage, determination, and guts; all great qualities of a champion. I hope you can all join us this Sunday at 10am to be challenged, to be inspired, and to be changed as a victor in Christ!

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