Elk Grove Church of Christ

  • 916-647-3773
  • info@egchurchofchrist.org
  • Physical Address:
    2601 West Taron Court
    Elk Grove, CA 95757

    Mailing Address:
    Post Office Box 1588
    Elk Grove, CA 95759

Elder-Karl Moorman

Sandra and Karl Moorman

Phone:  916-647-3773

Email:  elders@egchurchofchrist.org

Elder-Mark Soto

Janice and Mark Soto

Phone:  916-647-3773

Email:  elders@egchurchofchrist.org

Minister-Ghavinn Crutcher


Renee and Ghavinn Crutcher and Family

Phone:  916-647-3773

Email:  minister@egchurchofchrist.org

Deacon-Daniel Iniquez

Yerie and Daniel Iniquez and Family

Email:  bramabull95@hotmail.com

Church Videographers-Mary & George Haywood

Mary and George Haywood


Webmaster-Aaron Young

Christina Livingston & Aaron Young

Email:  webmaster@egchurchofchrist.org

Church Administrative Secretary

Elsie Cardona

Phone:  916-647-3773

Email:  elsiecardona@comcast.net