Lead Me to the Cross: From the Grave to the Sky (March 27, 2016)

Ghavinn Crutcher

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April 5, 2016


Lead Me to the Cross: From the Grave to the Sky
March 27, 2016
Ghavinn Crutcher

“I’m forgiven because you were forsaken, I’m accepted you were condemned, I’m alive and well your spirit is within me, because you died and rose again” (Amazing love, Chris Tomlin)

I love the words of this song it is amazing to know of the immense love our savior has for us, that we while we deserved the cross ourselves he willing took it for us, but he didn’t stop there. Jesus took it even further; he also took on death for us as well, and conquered it! This Sunday we will be discussing this amazing event, that when the woman came to the tomb a question was asked, “Who are you looking for?” We will be asking this same question Sunday morning when we come before an empty tomb in our sadness thinking that our savior is gone we get asked a question, “Who are you looking for?” Please join us and lets find our savior together this Sunday at 10am.