Good morning. We started slowly with our number of readers but are almost full now. There are two more Let's Start Talking teams here in recife, one of which we work closely with. The congregation we work with is larger than ours. Last Sunday they celebrated there fifteenth year. I'm living at the church and actually have a room with an air conditioner. My co-worker, Malinda is living with a family that is about half a mile from where we work. I usually walk her home after our last reading session, nine or ten o'clock. The days are short as it is near the middle of winter here. Malinda speaks Portuguese which is a life saver. Almost no English is spoken outside of our classes. Our readers are very receptive to using Bible materials with our lessons and some have come specifically to study the Good News. They are a friendly bunch. As with some of my other projects many readers come a long distance for these classes. One travels two hours each way but they feel the need of better English and spiritual feeding. Everyone that wants a job has one. There is no unemployment. There is a need for workers as the economy here is on the way up. Last Saturday night we had four baptisms, not related to the work we are doing, but it shows that this is an active, growing congregation. Another man will be baptized this weekend. It is interesting to note that when the congregation sings everyone knows the words to the songs without song books, and not just the first book. I think of how long I've been a Christian and I still need the book. I'll send some photos in groups of three to show some of what is going on. The photos are Celebrating Mother's Day, Malinda, my LST partner, and the local congregation. "May the grace of God and the love of Jesus Christ and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with you always". Dan