Cosumnes River Preserve 2015

Our very own Bruce Miller gave us an inside look at what goes on out at the Cosumnes River Preserve.  The trip was a very cool and different activity and let's just say that Bruce knows his birds and has a great heart and soul for the Cosumnes River Preserve.  Another great time had by the guys who made it out there.  Thanks Bruce!

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Men's Summer Retreat 2015

This year we headed to Shenadoah West for our annual summer retreat and we had some great times.  No fighting the drought and plenty to keep us occupied.  Some great spiritual lessons, some super food, and just a great overall time had by all.

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Men's Summer Retreat 2012

We had 28 guys of all ages come out to Scott's Flat Reservoir for a great couple nights of food, fun, games, and more food and fire.  We had some decent fishing and many of the guys took to the rope swing to see who could hit the water the best.  Great lessons punctuated the day and everyone had a great time.

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Men's Summer Retreat 2013

This year the water was low but we had another 20 or so guys enjoy a couple days and nights at the group site at Scott's Flat Reservoir.  Some great lessons, some great food, and some great competitive games throughout the weekend made for a great time for all.  

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